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Benefits of partnership

For student transportation contractors who want to grow their businesses and better serve their local communities.

People-first mindset

We see student transportation as a mission-driven industry, one where success comes only when we focus on people first. 

This people-first mindset comes through in our deal process, where we take time to learn about you and your business, and share ASTP’s vision for what partnership can look like with us. 

Access to capital

One of the most significant advantages of partnership with ASTP is access to capital. Steady, targeted investments can spur growth and shorten timelines to key business goals, whether you’re focused on upgraded equipment, improved technology, or strategic staffing. 

Operational expertise

As an investment partner, we offer significant industry expertise. Student transportation contractors are able to draw from and rely on our collective knowledge, making it easier to identify areas for improvement, recognize opportunities for growth, and put plans into action.

Long-term focus

At ASTP, we focus on long-term growth and investment, bringing a “built to last” attitude to each deal. Our creative approach to deal structuring offers flexibility and mutually beneficial relationships.

Marketing for growth

We also offer marketing support focused on organic growth. With a clear, consistent public image and branded content, our contractor partners are better equipped to respond to RFPs, connect with school district leaders, and expand market share. 

Partner testimonials

I was impressed with the organization, what they believed in, the philosophy, and the approach to business and growth. I could still stay involved, still help grow this company, still keep the name out there, and at the same time, had strong backing.

Tim Krise
Tim Krise

President, Krise Transportation, Inc.

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